At Bromsgrove we recognise the importance of an academically rigorous education; it is important that pupils are stretched in order to make good progress and ultimately gain the best achievable set of academic qualifications. However, there is more to a quality education than this and we are also committed to producing individuals that are fully prepared for life beyond school and who possess the skills and personal qualities to succeed in a changing and increasingly globalised world. There are many ways in which we achieve this; in our Early Years and Primary Sections we build the foundations of a love of learning and the fundamental skills that will make them life-long learners. We also provide a balanced and accessible programme of extra-curricular activities, a world-class boarding environment, excellent Pastoral Care and a commitment to improving levels of confidence, inquiry and communication as a student moves through the school. These experiences will ultimately help them to be happy and successful both at school and beyond. The Bromsgrove System is a seamless continuum based on the British Education System, but where the Asian influence enriches all that we do. Each section of the school effectively prepares a student for the next so that their education is smooth, continuous and each stage builds on the progress made in the previous one; our Early Years is ideal preparation for the Primary School which in turn equips our students with the necessary skills and grounding to succeed at Secondary School. The end result is that parents do not have to worry about their child’s education being disrupted by them having to settle in to different schools and make new friends.

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