Welcome to the website of Harrow International School Bangkok, the original Harrow International School in Asia and now mature and thriving with 1,450 students on our green 35 acre site in North Bangkok, Thailand. All that we do in our School reflects our mission statement, Leadership for a better world. Whether within lessons, in our care and guidance of our students or the diverse extra curricular activities on offer, we focus on developing in our young people the attributes and desires to make a positive difference to the communities that they encounter, both now or in the years to come. Each school in the Harrow Family has different characteristics and has developed in ways that reflect the context in which it is set. Harrow Bangkok is a co-educational boarding and day school that embraces its vibrant host city. We are responsive to the needs of our community, ensuring that responsible and sustainable charitable service is central to the experiences of our students. Yet in many respects we share the characteristics of all the schools in the Harrow Family; we have the highest expectations of our students and staff, we ensure that each child is considered as individual and precious, we are committed to a holistic approach to school life, we respect ourselves and look after each other. Harrow Bangkok benefits from outstanding purpose-built and spacious facilities and is staffed by a faculty trained and experienced in the best of independent and maintained sector educational practice. These factors, combined with the general desire of the students to get the very best from their school life, create a learning environment that is unique in South East Asia; academically outstanding, pastorally caring and with an unrivalled range of extra curricular activities. Both our Lower and Upper Schools provide stimulating and innovative opportunities for our students to learn about their world. Our young Harrovians are happy, safe and confident; they embrace their School. In considering admissions applications we are seeking future students of quality, who will be able to match, or surpass the high standards already set. Our scholarship programme provides opportunities for young people to step into roles as examples to their peers in their academic work, creative activity or sporting achievement, regardless of their financial background.

Learn more on the website: www.harrowschool.ac.th

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