Being a great school is about providing the best possible education – one that creates an appetite for life and develops the talent to live it productively. It is about learning and scholarship, nurtured by exceptional teachers who are leading lights in their chosen fields. It is about combining a breadth of experience through sport, creative and performing arts, CCF and many other character forming activities. It is about providing pastoral care that goes well beyond basic welfare and focuses on developing and maturing the individual, both emotionally and spiritually. And, vitally, it is about preparing young people for life after school at their chosen university and beyond _ equipping them to become suitably qualified and confident to lead, to serve and to be of good influence. These values underpin everything we do and achieve at Harrow. We are one of a very small number of full boarding schools, meaning that we do not take day pupils or weekly boarders. Our standard of pastoral care has been rated outstanding. We have three resident staff in every boarding House: the House Master, House Tutor and Matron. We do not have dormitories. Friendships made at boarding schools are often deep and long lasting. Our boys come from a global catchment area and benefit from the opportunity to know people from many walks of life. Coupled with the fact that all Masters live in the School, full-boarding allows us to run an outstanding range of worthwhile activities outside the standard school day. We avoid the tensions that arise when some pupils go home at the end of the day and also ensure that every evening and weekend activity is well-attended. It is not uncommon for seminars to run at 9pm on a weekday, while Sunday is one of our busiest days.We have outstanding facilities, including an art gallery, one of the best school golf courses, top-quality all-weather pitches, a farm, a professional-standard theatre and the latest IT infrastructure. We are also located close to the theatres and other cultural opportunities of central London, while in a place that has the atmosphere of a rural village. Our all-boy environment helps to prolong childhood in a very healthy way, enabling boys to be boys for longer and to have the freedom to express themselves creatively and emotionally without fearing how things appear to the opposite sex. Boys can try new things and take risks within the protection of a close and supportive community. We have a distinguished history and heritage that inspires and enriches the daily life of our entire community. As stewards of many unique and cherished traditions, we follow in the footsteps of ïThe Giants of OldÍ. Current boys take daily inspiration from statesmen such as Peel, Palmerston, Churchill, Pandit Nehru and King Hussein of Jordan; writers including Byron, Sheridan, Trollope, Dornford Yates and Richard Curtis; Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and influential social reformer; Lord Rayleigh, the physicist and Nobel prize-winner; Fox Talbot, the inventor of photography; the archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans and Bruce the explorer; Sir William Jones, father of philology; Admiral Rodney and Field Marshal Alexander; and nineteen winners of the Victoria Cross. Taking the best of the past while focusing on the future, we are constantly looking to strengthen our reputation as one of the finest schools in the world. Harrow provides a truly outstanding environment for talented boys who love learning and have the potential to make a real difference in life.

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