Founded in 2007 and inspired by the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and his experience as a student at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts, King’s Academy offers an educational experience like no other available in the world today – an experience that, we believe, prepares young people of exceptional promise not only for the rigors of the best colleges and universities in the world, but also for the challenges of a 21st century characterized by rapid change, global interdependence and unprecedented opportunity. Our educational program represents a synthesis of the educational traditions of East and West, of the cultures and language of the Arab world and of the Anglo-American ideal of a residential boarding school committed to the virtues of respect, responsibility and leadership. In this way King’s Academy both honors the past and aspires to be a school of the future. Our deepest aspiration is to graduate young men and women who will shape the future of Jordan, the Middle East and the world.
As the only coeducational, residential boarding school of its kind in the region, King’s Academy remains the most diverse school in the Middle East and is a pioneering leader in need-based financial aid. Our financial aid program guarantees that we have the most qualified, talented group of students regardless of socioeconomic background. Over 43 percent of King’s Academy students currently receive financial aid.
King’s Academy blends an American style of education with the traditions and values of the Middle East. The result is that students graduate with a solid understanding and acceptance of many different cultures and traditions. With students from 36 countries, the level of diversity at King’s Academy allows us to create a unique community that educates students in ways the formal curriculum alone cannot and to forge a school culture that promotes social equity.
The sense of community at a boarding school is truly unique. Maturity, confidence, lifelong friendships and an understanding of others who may be different from themselves are all the outgrowth of the boarding school experience. Students have constant and continuous access to faculty who – in addition to being teachers – are supervisors, coaches, mentors and counselors. Faculty members eat together with students in the Dining Hall and participate with them in athletic and other co-curricular activities in the afternoons.

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