King’s College, founded in 1969, is a prestigious educational organisation that was created based on the principles of the most distinguished British institutions.   One of the largest and most successful British schools in Europe, the King’s College, the British School of Madrid is built on 12 hectares of land and is located in a leafy suburb, just 30 minutes from the centre of Madrid. Like its sister schools, the College o ers pupils the opportunity to study a quality British education under the National Curriculum of England and Wales. This curriculum emphasises strong academic values through hands-on learning, to guarantee a truly British education for pupils from the age of 20 months to 18 years old.   Pupils at King’s College are taught by native British and British trained teachers. The educational model of the school is characterised by its rigorous and broad curriculum, its interdisciplinary approach and its emphasis on practical learning, exploration and the active participation of students.   A British education is considered the gold star of education systems and the academic offer available at King’s College is the broadest in Spain. Pupils’ studies culminate towards “A Level” examinations which are taken in Year 13 (age 17), these exams are internationally recognised and all grades are associated with clear guidelines to explain the standard achieved by each pupil. A Level qualifi cations allow pupils access to any university in the world and are highly regarded by higher education institutions within the UK, Spain, the US and further afi eld. In addition, the school o ers specialised preparation for entry to Oxbridge universities (Oxford and Cambridge).

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