Robert College has been a well-respected leader of education in Turkey for over 150 years. The students who enter our school are already distinguished by having scored top marks on the highly competitive national exam. But that is just the beginning; our legacy stands on the challenges and experiences they seek here and that propel them through life. The school only accepts Turkish nationals. After graduation, Robert College students continue their studies at the top universities in Turkey and beyond, and our alumni often become leaders in their chosen fields, making great contributions to society both in Turkey and abroad _ as they have done for over a century and a half. Our students are given numerous opportunities _ both in the classroom and around campus _ to explore their talents and develop them to their fullest. The combining of day students from the Istanbul area with residential students from across the country is a part of the studentsÍ education; they learn about their country from their peers, and additionally during the Community Involvement Projects they conduct all over Turkey. One thing that sets Robert College apart is the care and support that our students receive. Our teachers take a student-centered approach in the classroom which aims to nurture the individual talents of each student while inspiring them to be life-long learners. Students are given a voice in the schoolÍs activities and many improvements to the school are a result of their suggestions. Our residential program ensures students have a comfortable and nurturing environment so they are able to thrive in their home away from home. Browsing through our website you can learn about the unequalled education experience we offer, by exploring the challenging curriculum, stimulating co-curricular activities and nation-wide community projects that help to shape these talented young minds into independent thinkers, leaders and socially-aware global citizens.

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