RIS is a pre-school through grade 12 private, not for profit school located in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded by Redemptorist Fathers 60 years ago, RIS fosters a “Union of Hearts” in which the spirit of family love and caring is emphasized, while students from all religious denominations are welcomed into its multi-faith community. RIS promises students a school life that is well-rounded, engaging, and interactive. Healthy competition and ambition are supported, while academic success is achieved with the guidance of dedicated faculty, 71% of whom possess a master’s degree or higher. The school has 1,200 students representing 24 nationalities and 163 faculty members from 16 countries worldwide. RIS follows an American curriculum and offers both Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. RIS prides itself on providing an interfaith, inclusive and academically rigorous education for students to be balanced, successful and compassionate individuals.

Learn more on the website: https://www.rism.ac.th

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