St. George’s College is a private, bilingual, co-educational learning institution located in Quilmes, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 1898, it is among the most exclusive and upper-class schools in Argentina, and indeed in Latin America. St. George’s College is the first boarding school established in Latin America. Originally an all-boys school, St. George’s College was made co-educational in 1975. As well as accepting many local students, the School encourages the entry of pupils who are not Argentine nationals or who live in the interior of Argentina or whose parents may live abroad. Full boarders live on campus even during weekends; they come from both the interior of the country and abroad. Weekly boarders live on campus Monday through Friday; they get to Buenos Aires by school bus on Friday afternoon, returning to school on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning. Flexi boarders are day students who sleep over campus for special reasons, including parents´ trips; theatre rehearsals; sports training sessions before tours and so forth. It is a great option for families with working parents as students can manage their after-school time more effectively since they do not have to travel back home.

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