Founded in 1951 and operating as a foundation since 2011, Stockholm International School is here to serve the children of the international community as well as Swedish citizens looking for an international education. The school is an independent, open-admission, co-educational Kindergarten to Grade 12 day school governed by a Board of Trustees. All instruction is in English. The educational program is modeled after the International Baccalaureate (IB) guidelines. The school year is mid-August to mid-June and has a minimal instructional period of 180 days divided into two semesters. The school has enjoyed strong academic success and is going through a stage of rapid expansion. Stockholm International School is located in the center of Stockholm next to a park, on a hilltop near the main business/shopping area. The main campus has 7 levels with classrooms, science laboratories, information technology rooms, an auditorium, cafeteria, gymnasium and specialist rooms for art, music and drama. The recommended class sizes vary between 14 to 20 students, depending on the grade. Senior students are located in an annexe a few minutes walk from the main campus. This newly renovated space has classrooms, an I.T. room and cafeteria. Both facilities have easy access to public transport, a wide range of museums, parks, historical sites and other resources to enrich the educational experience of students.

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